Pokemon. It’s not just a hobby, but I think it’s an obsession…

Anyone who plays this videogame knows what I mean…. I grew up collecting cards as a kid, playing Pokemon Blue Red and Yellow…. Then fell off the bandwagon until the release of Pokemon X and Y, and most recently Pokemon ORAS.

Now I won’t talk too much about my addiction to pokemon today, but I would like to promote some of the giveaways I do through a site called “Pokemon ORAS Cloners, Giveaways, Battles and Trades.” on Facebook.

I love doing giveaways. It makes me feel like my obsessive compulsive tendency to gravitate towards my DS is ok… Especially if I give my hard worked for pokemons to someone who will really enjoy them!…. Right?

So I’m BIG on shinies. I love Shiny pokemon, really there’s not much that is special about them other than a bit of a different color

Shiny (right) vs non Shiny (Left) Charizard

Shiny (right) vs non Shiny (Left)

Anyways, these pokemon are quite a bit more rare in the pokemon games than their non-shiny counterparts. Hence my Challenge for the group today:



As specified earlier (in my previous post) I said I would be hosting a giveaway… IT BEGINS NOW

A brief summary: First prize will be ANY pokemon Shiny or not, any nature, and possibly any item (I will try to accommodate)

Second, Third and Fourth prizes will get a Starter from GENERATION IV (Chimchar Piplup Turtwig)


The winner will be selected by myself in 2 hours!



The contest is to make a meme A POKEMON MEME, I encourage you to design your own, take your own pictures even. The ‘meme’ don’t need to be a traditional meme, but instead can be a photo (of yourself pokemon themed of course, a pet dressed up, or any other pokemon shenanigan) with captions, even a comic!


*~*~*~*~The Requirements:*~*~*~*~~

A pokemon related/themed picture (animated, original taken by your own camera skills, a drawing, vector art, etc)

A caption or words of some sort (meme’s to comics to captions, the sky is the limit!)


-Humor is not required but the meme/caption art must be true to it’s qualities (you can do something deep or cynical as long as it is clever or makes sense) [however I’m sick today an would love to laugh]

-You will be rated based: on creativity/originality, effort, quality, and humour/wittiness 

-no vulgar language (but censored %^&#$% is ok )


Winners will be posted soon!


Taking a break from Rock Climbing

I love my hobbies, especially rock climbing. There’s something about being able to manoeuvre your body in seemingly impossible ways in order to monkey up walls. I’m no Park0ur Master, but I love to think I’m powerful somehow.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with rock climbing is the health of your fingers! My fingers are aching. Somehow from these last few years of climbing I’m getting something that resembles arthritis. It’s time to take care of myself and I’m going to give my joints a well deserved break and focus on athletic development in another area.

What did I choose?? I’m thinking maybe track and field. I love sprinting so fast it feels that I’m flying. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, but we’ll see in the next few weeks if I have what it takes.

Playing video games counts as physiotherapy in the meantime right? (ORAS Whooooo)


Serena first fell in love with rock climbing because she feels that everyone in the rock climbing world is awesome. Since Serena Westad has never really been good at sports, she was very apprehensive when she started to try climbing. But when a good friend of hers looked up a great deal on rock climbing for the first time, she fell in love with it.