Serena Westad has many different interests and hobbies.

Some of which are: Bodybuilding, Fitness and Nutrition, rock-climbing, photography, modeling, reading, writing, drawing, music and traveling, video games (mostly pokemon…), sewing, cosplay….just to name a few.

Rock Climbing

Serena Westad first fell in love with rock climbing because she feels that everyone in the rock climbing world is awesome. Since Serena has never really been good at sports, she was very apprehensive when she started to try climbing. But when a good friend of hers, who she looks up to, dragged her to the bouldering wall a few times, she fell in love with it. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. They taught Serena new routes, allowed her to climb with them, encouraged her to go climbing to places other than the University climbing wall with them– Just kind, interesting, adventurous people. Besides the people, Serena loves the mental and physical challenge of figuring out the ‘problems’ on a route; strategically planning your holds and route to make it to the top .

When she began outdoor climbing, the thrill of being several hundred feet over a straight vertical drop, enjoying the view of Canmore, hanging from a rope and having a bite to eat for lunch before you continued up to the next pitch of many— well its a pretty awesome experience. She actually was able to attend a climbing camp instructed by Sonnie Trotter, who’s a pretty talented climber in the climbing world. He equipped her with some incredible skills that week, and truly was a gift to her climbing life.


Serena Westad loves photography. She loves taking pictures and loves being in pictures. She was involved in design and photography throughout her years in high school, and her camera just became another appendage, even if it was only a point and shoot, she figured out everything about that camera to make her pictures as awesome as they could be… Although, her hope is to invest in a proper DSLR and some complimentary lenses by the end of this year! It wasn’t long after she was in university until she found out that she liked being in photos too.

Serena had some friends who were talented at photography who she had the pleasure of working with– Ken and Laura at JMP photography (Just Married Photography) are AMAZING and she highly recommends them for all of your photo needs and occasions. The experience in itself was a great time, she was so often the one taking pictures that she had hardly ever had a chance to be in them, so modeling for her friends portfolios, and then getting pictures in return was a pretty sweet deal.